kastiel gbelany eurostavBy the end of the year, the Žilina region will have another new four-star hotel, on the road to the Malá Fatra. However, it is no newly-built developer’s project, but the renovated former 18th century Baroque château in Gbeľany. Peter Janíček, a native of Gbeľany, had been troubled for a long time by the fact that this valuable Baroque château was losing its original form and grandeur. He and his wife thus decided to buy the château and turn it into a hotel once renovated. They have taken exemplary care with its restoration.

kastieL gbelany styri hviezdicky pre biznisJust a few kilometres from Žilina, on the way to the Malá Fatra national park, the restoration of a Baroque château is underway. The four-star hotel Kaštieľ Gbeľany will offer its guests attractive services in both period and completely new premises from December 2015.

kastieL gbelany sa meni na hotelThe initiators behind the creation of the four-star hotel Château Gbeľany which will grow out of the over two-hundred year old building of the same name, have taken on a noble, but arduous, task. In this interview, Peter Janíček, CEO of the company Kaštieľ Gbeľany, s. r. o., gives us some details of the complicated restoration of the historic building.

novy wellness hotel v gbelanochThe Baroque château built in the middle of the 18th century is surrounded by a beautiful historic park. It is located in the centre of the village of Gbeľany on the road from Žilina to Vrátna dolina. In January, its new owners started to restore it with the intention of turning it into a four-star wellness hotel, Kaštieľ Gbeľany.