We wish every visit to the BELENE restaurant near Žilina to be a true gastronomic experience for our guests. Our distinguishing feature is the range of tasty specialities of Slovak and international cuisine served in a pleasant environment with a view of the château courtyard and the park. The delicious food and exceptional surroundings complement each other with the professional staff which will serve you also on the terrace. The restaurant takes its name from the first recorded name of the village of Gbeľany, VILLA BELENE, dating from 1434.



60g Beef carpaccio with goat cheese foam, pecan nuts, champignons, rocket and beetroot 1,7,8 5,90 €
0,75l Pesecká leánka DSCExtra dry, Nichta Winery 31,60 €

60g Marinated salmon with beluga lentils, fermented cauliflower 1,7,10 7,10 €
0,75l Three roses Cuvéemedium dry, Velkeer Winery 14,20 €

60g Caramelized foie grass with marinated pears and pumpkin 1 8,30 €
0,75l Miliamedium sweet,Chateau Rúbaň 24,20 €



0,25l Pheasant broth with grilled cherry, baby zucchini and thyme 9 3,30 €
0,25l Potato soup with baked potatoes and mushrooms 7 2,70 €



250g Rocket salad with bread chip, beetroot, apple and poached egg 1,3 8,50 €
0,75l Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOCG Brut, Ca di Rajo 23,90 €



190g Guinea fowl supreme with corn polenta, currants and pumpkin purée 12 14,90 €

160g Venison backstrap with potato dumplings and salted nuts, onion juniper chutney 8,12 18,80 €
0,75l Danube Nichta Collection, Nichta Winery 39,00 €

180g Pork loin covered in bacon breadcrumbs, potato fondant, grilled baby carrot, mushroom powder and broccoli 7,12 12,90 €
0,75l SecretReservaCuvée,V&WTajna 42,3 €

190,00g Rabbit with sage, sauce of roasted root vegetables and Carlsbad dumpling 1,7,3 13,50 €
0,75l Cabernet Sauvignon Series Barrique,Vins Winery 38,60 €

200g Duck breast with grilled shallot, red cabbage foam and chips made of lokše (Slovak potato flatbread)1,7,12 15,50 €
0,75l Alibernet dry wine, Chateau Rúbaň 21,00 €

150g Pike-perch fillet with thyme soufflé, parsley purée and creamy sauce 3,7,4 14,90 €
0,75l WelschrieslingWinemakers Choice, Berta family winery 26,90 €

160g Roasted wild boar with stewed red cabbage, potato dumpling 1,3 16,50 €



230g Creamy mushroom and bacon filled ravioli with mushroom parmesan sauce garnished with rocket 1,7,3 10,50 €
200g Risotto with pancetta, almonds, sun dried tomatoes and pumpkin 12 9,90 €
0,75l Devín medium dry, M. Dudo Winery 22,90 €


70g Charlotte’s chocolate soufflé with blackcurrant sorbet 1,3,7,12 5,70 €
0,75l Tramín červený Hrozienkový výber, M. Dudo Winery 35,90 €
90g Chia cakewith nuts 1,3,7,8 4,90 €

1. Cereals containing gluten 2. Crustaceans 3. Eggs 4. Fish 5. Groundnut 6. Soy beans 7. Milk
8. Shell fruits 9. Celery 10. Mustard 11. Sesame seeds 12. Sulphur dioxide and sulphites 13. Lupines’ 14. Shellfish