Finnish sauna

Humidity: 10 %
Temperature: 80 - 100 °C
Recommended duration: maximum of 15 minutes
Procedure to be repeated: 2 to 3 times

Effects: relaxing, regenerating, strengthens the immune system, physical and mental relaxation, helps prevent colds

Wooden lining, silence and radiating heat helps mental relaxation. The high air temperature helps increase body sweating, thus ridding the body of toxins. The procedure of alternating heat and cold is repeated two to three times, ending with a period of relaxation. End your stay in the sauna by cooling down in cold water or with an ice-cold shower which gives you the same blissful feelings as the sauna itself.

Herbal steam sauna

Humidity: 98 - 100%
Temperature: 45 - 70 °C
Recommended duration: 10 to 15 minutes
Procedure to be repeated: 2 to 3 times

Effects: eucalyptus – relaxing and revitalising effect, releases the airways and strengthens the immune system; inhaling helps with allergies and asthma. A stay in a steam sauna helps to eliminate toxins and makes the skin suppler.

The skin is purified and muscles are relaxed, thus relaxing the whole body. The steam bath has a positive effect on blood clots and vascular deficiencies.

Salt steam sauna

Humidity: 100%
Temperature: 42 - 47 °C
Recommended duration: 20 minutes
Procedure to be repeated: 2 to 3 times

Effects: relaxation and disinfection, detoxication

Salt steam sauna combines heat and salt effects on the human body. It helps the skin, acts as a natural peeling and helps overall blood circulation. The sauna is particularly suitable for people with allergies, rheumatism and for treating respiratory diseases.

Infra sauna

Humidity: 42 - 45%
Temperature: 40 - 60 °C
Recommended duration: 15 to 30 minutes
Procedure to be repeated: 2 to 3 times, 10 to 20 minutes each time

Effects: skin cleansing, reduction of cellulite, body warmth, body detox, stimulation of muscles and organs

Infra sauna is very pleasing and does not overburden the body. It’s a moderate procedure, when the body is warmed up by invisible infra-red rays which penetrate deeper, thus causing the intense sweating and ridding the body of toxins. Infra sauna is suitable for losing weight by reducing fat. It opens up blocked pores, reduces swelling, scars and toothache.

Combi sauna

Humidity: 100 %
Temperature: 45 - 55 °C
Recommended duration: 10 to 20 minutes

Effects: body relaxing

Kneipp foot bath

Temperature: 36 - 46 °C, 10 – 16 °C
Recommended duration:
30 - 60 seconds (hot water), 15 seconds (cold water), over a total time of 15 minutes
Procedure to be repeated:
6 to 10 times

stimulation of the blood circulation, energising, regenerating

Kneipp foot bath is based on pools of cold and warm water. During the procedure, you first place your feet in a warm bath, then in a cold one, and repeat this cycle 8 up to 10 times every 30 seconds, ending in a cold bath. Kneipp foot bath helps with headaches, migraines, blood circulation problems and helps relax leg joints and ankles. The massaging stones at the bottom of the pools stimulate reflexology zones at the soles of the feet.

Ice waterfall

Temperature: 10 - 12 °C

Effects: brings blood to the skin, massive stimulation of the immune system

The ice bath is a suitable finish of the sauna process. The rapid cooling under the ice shower helps to stimulate the immune system and increase the number of white and red blood cells.


Temperature: 34 to 42 °C
Humidity: 60 %

Effects: relaxing, regenerating

Tepidarium is a room with heat radiating from the walls, floors and benches. This room is suitable for relaxing in between different sauna stages and finishing the sauna process.